Garnet Quinn

Author of the Merry Maines Novels
The initial concept for The Merry Maines was a story
about a big Maine Coon, my own beloved Hawkeye, and a
Siamese, that was originally titled The Princess With the
Talking Tail. However, when it made its way into
typescript, it had become a tale about a gaggle of Maine
Coons in and about a cattery in the state of Maine and a
very royal little Korat. Now where the Korat came from I
have no idea. I simply looked at my clipboard where
everything gets written in longhand for a first draft and
there she was. I knew what a Korat was, mind, but it had
never occurred to me to incorporate one into my story of
life in a Maine Coon cattery.  Siamese I had owned—well:
lived with—but about a Korat, I knew next to nothing. I
have to confess that it wasn't until after The Merry Maines
was published that I managed to acquire one. Yet, having
done so, I did get it right.  Which makes me very
suspicious. About who was writing thesestories, I mean.
All of the MerryMaines series of books are available on, Kindle
and in bookstores, although some bookstores will require they be ordered.
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Book 9 The Merry Maines Lost and Found is due out the spring of 2020